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Why I'm Running

My name is Rachel Bohman, I’m a Rochester native, and I am so excited to share with you that I’m running for Congress here in Minnesota’s first district! I’m running because I believe in a vision of shared prosperity for Southern Minnesota and I know that this country works best when it works together.

I’m a former local elected official on the Rochester Township Board. When I ran in that very moderate area, I won because we built a campaign on neighbors talking to neighbors about the issues affecting them right here at home. I know that we can do the same thing all across this district.

I’m a former Assistant County Attorney. I know firsthand what it means to keep our communities safe, and that we all deserve a fair shot to thrive right here in our own neighborhoods.

And most importantly, I’m a mom. I was raised in Rochester by a single mother and when I started my family 16 years ago, I knew that there was nowhere else in the world I wanted to raise my two daughters.

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